Tuesday, November 28, 2017


           I liked a lot of things about this whole thing. I liked how it helped improve with my sentence fluency and conventions, she helped me stop using run-on sentences all the time, and would tell me the right conventions to use. I also liked how Carrie would help expand on my ideas sometimes. She also wouldn’t take “control” of my writing, she would let it be mine, but just give me ideas. That’s why I liked the online writing exchange.
        There are a few things I would change about the online writing exchange, and here they

are. Well, for starters, it would be easier if they could answer faster. Yeah, I know they have other

classes and stuff, but it would be nice to have feedback earlier. Another thing I would change is it

would be better face-to-face once in a while, more than just once, but maybe like three times or

something like that. That’s really all I would change about the online writing exchange.

My Mom

          When I was three years old, my mother left me and my father by ourselves. I learned from her that I never, ever want to be like her since she left the people she “loved.” Well, I guess she never really loved us, but that’s why I never want to be like her, I never want to leave the people I love and cause more pain in their lives. Those aren’t the only reasons I never want to be like her, but really, that’s the main one. I never want to cause pain. I never want to cause heartbreak. I never want to cause alcoholism.
            When she first left, my dad started drinking more and more. He never stopped, that’s why she took me when she first left. She took me up to South Dakota, but the whole time, I wanted to be back with my dad, but since he was becoming an alcoholic, she felt it was “unsafe” even though she was the reason for it. The whole time I was in the car, I was confused and frightened, I didn’t know where I was going, I didn’t know what would happen to me, and I was scared for my dad. When we finally stopped the car and unloaded our stuff, we were in a town called Sioux Falls, and we were with her sleazy boyfriend. She wouldn’t tell me why we were there, she just said, “Oh, babygirl, it’s because your dad is really unsafe, he might hurt you.” And I believed her, even though she was the one who was hurting me all along. Her boyfriend was the one who hurt me; he was the one trying to drug me; he would feed me tums and stuff like they were candy, and since I was so little, I just thought they were candy. Honestly they tasted good, so I kept eating them. I was so scared while I was up there; I know I was little, but I remember it so vividly. I remember how I would cry for my dad every single night; I would cry because I hated it there; and I never recognized it, but the whole time I hated her.
            About six months after my mom had taken me and left, my dad called her into court. This was the only time my father had probably been sober in that whole time. He saw me, and I remember him crying. I tried to run over to him, but my mom’s boyfriend wouldn’t let me; he tightened his grip on my arm. My dad got angry, but I remember my grandma holding him back. The judge started talking and everyone had to stand, to say the oath or whatever, and then we all sat down. My mom and her lawyer started talking first, pinning the argument that my father had become addicted to alcohol, and he pinned the fact that she would hit me. That’s what my grandmother told me at least; that’s really the only thing I didn’t remember them saying, I didn’t remember the argument in court since I was busy playing with horses according to grandma. The final argument brought up was my brother, I think his name is Greg, but I don’t know. My dad brought him up saying that’s all she has ever done is leave her kids ever since she was fifteen years old. That sparked the judge’s curiosity, but my mom couldn’t fight that, she knew it was true, so her final statement was: “Give me 250,000 dollars, and you get her back, that’s the only way you can get her back.” Therefore, my father gave her the money and took me back to Clearwater, the place I would live until I was six years old.
            Anymore, I don’t have anything to do with her; she was never my mother and never will be. When she tries to contact my dad to get to me, he ignores her. He doesn’t love her anymore, why would he love someone who broke him? And I don’t love her. Yes, sometimes I get upset about her though. My mother is probably the main reason for my sadness, and sometimes I miss her, because she’s the woman who gave birth to me. How could I not miss her? But, anymore, I’m actually glad she’s not in my life. She’s a negative that I don’t need in my life bringing me down. When you read this, you’re probably going to be like, “Wow, Bri’s heartless” but no I’m not heartless, I’m just glad to have to have everything bad out of my life.
            So, from all this, I’ve learned, people can’t just up and leave the people they love then try to come back like they did nothing wrong. And if you try to, well you’re going to be out of luck, because, those people you left won’t want you back in their life. I’ve also realized, people lie, they’re fake, just like my mom was before she left, she was a faker and a liar, and she never actually loved me, my brother, or my father, she just cared about getting attention, that’s all she ever wanted. All I need to do is keep her out of my life because I don’t want to be caused more pain in my life all over again. She wouldn’t have left us if she wasn’t fake; she would’ve stayed. Those are all the things I’ve learned from my mother leaving; that’s all I ever want to learn also because I don’t want to learn anymore painful lessons. I don’t want to be caused more heartbreak; I just want to be happy, and if that means being without her; then that’s how it will be, without my mother.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Uncle Matt

             My uncle Matt is a big figure in my life. When I was younger, I was terrified of him. I always seemed to think he was a scary giant or something, but now, since I’ve grown, he’s a huge part of my life. He’s one of my uncles on my mom’s side, and that’s probably the biggest reason he is a huge part of my life because he is my mom’s brother. Since I don’t see my mom or have contact with her, he’s kind of the way I get to “see” her.  I may not get to see him much, but when I do he is like a father figure to me. Plus, my uncle is an army veteran, and so he is always trying to make me be brave. He is always pushing me out of my comfort zone which has made me the person I am today.
            My uncle is really short for my family on my mom’s side, like yeah he may be 5’10 but for my family that’s short like a smaller giant in a sea of humungous ones. He’s got really short brown hair, and bushy eyebrows, as if two caterpillars are living above his eyes. His eyes are like his daughter’s and mine, dark blue, but when he’s upset light blue. He has this huge nose that seems to take up all of his face, with a small mouth with somewhat yellow teeth. With a brown goatee. And, he’s kind of chubby, with his legs, which are basically stumps. His feet are like an elephant. He’s always wearing his worn out, and soft to the touch South Dakota Black Hills t-shirt when I see him, khaki shorts that end right below his knees, and his brown sandals.
            Matt is honestly one of the best people I have ever met, even in my thirteen years, I think he is one of the nicest, funniest, most caring, bravest, and most encouraging person I have and will ever meet. He is one of those people who literally cares about anyone, even if they’ve done him wrong. And if they have done him wrong, he’ll confront them about it and everything will be better between them, he hates holding grudges. Matt’s a pretty hilarious guy, all he cares about is making people laugh, if someone is having a bad day, he’ll walk right up to them and just tell them a joke to make them feel better. Matt’s also one of the nicest people walking around this earth. No one is nicer than him, he’s honestly the nicest person ever. He’s also super encouraging, after being in the army and having to help people, he is always encouraging me, in everything I do, in softball, I feel like I suck, but he is always telling me I am the best out there just so I do good, and after he tells me this I do the best I can. That’s just Matt’s personality.
            At my birthday party up in South Dakota this year, Matt was there, and I was really upset. He came in and saw me crying and tried to make me feel better. He told me jokes, and even had Dominic, my cousin, come in and make fun of my music I listen to since he knew that would make me feel better because it always does.  He’s always been that kind of person, even when I hated him, and was terrified to be around him. After my mom and dad divorced, he took me in for a while because he cared more about me then what was happening between them. He just cared about what was important at that moment which was me.
            Matt has taught me a few important life lessons. First, he has taught me to care about everyone, if they’ve done you wrong, you don’t know them, or if you just plain out hate them, it doesn’t matter, you just need to care about them. Second, he has taught me to be nice to everyone no matter what, encourage them if they don’t feel good enough, make them feel better if they are crying, laugh at their jokes even if they aren’t funny, just to make them smile, do whatever you can to make them feel better. Last but not least, he has taught me to brave, he served in the army, so he had to be brave, and since he was brave, I thrive to be brave, I want to be exactly like him, well minus the army part, I want to be a great parent like him, I just want to be like him.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Boy

            He’s tall with baby blue eyes that will stun you from a mile away. He has a longer face, with large lips and pearly white teeth, but the thing is, his face is perfect size for his body. His jet black hair goes perfectly with his beautiful tan. The long arms he has seem to reach out to you even when you aren’t looking at him, if feels like they could reach you from across the room. While his long torso just adds to everything. His legs seem to be longer than your whole body, they’re so long. He takes larger steps, and it seems like he is bigfoot with how big of steps he takes, and with his large feet. The length of him just grabs your attention, and you don’t know how to react. The handsomeness of him seems to blind you. Everything just fits so perfectly in his body.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Final Game

The Final Game
He gets the ball. He looks back and sees the other team running toward him. He hears the cheers, and the booing, he starts running, he runs, knowing that the game is up to him to win. He hears someone not too far behind him, he blocks out all noise and is focused on making to the end zone. BOOM! He’s slammed to the ground by the opposing team, his helmet flies off, and the ball fumbles. One of the other team grab it and start running the opposite way. A flag, a yellow one to be exact gets pulled.
“Illegal play on Ohio State. 15-yard penalty.” The referee says through his microphone. The Nebraska boys run over and check on the guy, he’s bleeding, not much, but it’s still bad. He gets up, tries to walk in a straight line and fails. He walks like he’s been drinking, but of course, he hasn’t been.
“You’re out. Go to the trainer. Armstrong, get out here, you’re in!” Coach Riley screams, he looks at coach desperately, but it doesn’t work, he’s out, and he knows he’s not going back in. A few trainers run over, and drag him over to the bench. Coach Riley walks over, and he gets upset, knowing his best player is out. Out for who knows long. The stadium is quiet, worried looks are throughout the crowd, even from the opposing team. He passes out, and it makes everything so much worse. His career is over, this was the last concussion he would ever have during a football game, his game days were over. His life… was over. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

I Am From

I Am From
I am from tee ball
Bat in hand
Not knowing what to do
So I take a swing
I am from soccer
Standing in the tall dewy grass
Waiting for the ball
To come at me
I am from basketball
Running down the court
Making layups
And missing three pointers
I am from baseball
And sitting on the big couch
Cheering my team on
And waiting to see who win
I am from volleyball
Serving the ball
Bumping, setting, and spiking
Winning the set
I am from softball
Standing at bat
Waiting for the perfect pitch to come
Swinging at that pitch
Fielding the ball
Getting the last out

I am from all these moments of winning, losing, and everything in between.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Game (Photo Poem)

The Game
The girl hits the ball with the bat
It goes flying like a bird
Way into the outfield

The girl is like a cheetah
She hears thunder pounding in her ears while she’s running
Her coaches voice was a cannon booming in her mind
The cheering of fans keeps her going

She’s rounding third
By the time the centerfielder is just getting to it
The girl throws it in as she’s crossing home plate
The girl stands and cheers knowing she made it in safely

  The only thing you hear is the other team cheering
While the infield just screams at the outfield
Telling them to move faster
Telling them to do better

Game over
The girls lost
 They’re mad.
But they still smiled, and wouldn’t stop,
Because they knew they would get them next time


           I liked a lot of things about this whole thing. I liked how it helped improve with my sentence fluency and conventions, she hel...